10 Fall Photography Ideas


Back to School

The first day of a new school year can be chaotic, but these milestone moments are also the ones that you'll cherish years down the road. Make sure the camera is loaded with fresh batteries the night before and that it's waiting in a convenient place for those morning photos.

In addition to the standard bus stop pics, capture some of the preparation: the first-day outfit laid out on the bed, kids fighting over the mirror for a last-minute hair check or hands criss-crossing the table during the breakfast rush.

Since the first day of each school year is such an important milestone, make the year-to-year changes more explicit. Pose your children against a homemade growth chart and take a close-up next to this year's hash mark [source: HP Canada]. Or have your child hold up his or her school picture from last year to document how much he or she has changed [source: Orthner].

If you can sneak into the classroom, get a shot of your little one loading up his or her cubby, checking out your kid's new desk or meeting the teacher for the first time. Even if they're embarrassed, your kids will thank you when they're sending their own children off to school.