10 Fall Photography Ideas



With all of the natural beauty that competes for our attention during the fall, it's easy to forget that this is the ideal time of year for portrait photography. Golden fall light is flattering, especially at dawn or dusk, when colors are muted and shadows are long.

One of the challenges of portrait photography can be filling the rest of the frame. Fall makes that a lot easier. With the subject of the portrait in sharp focus, you can let the background remain a blurred collage of fall foliage. Or bring everything into stunning relief, shooting your subject from above lying on a bed of golden leaves.

Not all portraits need to be planned and posed, of course. Fall is also a great time to capture candid portraits. Think of all of the fun family events that we celebrate in the fall: harvest festivals, Halloween, Thanksgiving. Use these naturally joyous and colorful opportunities to catch your family and friends smiling big in beautiful settings.