10 Fall Photography Ideas


Farmers Markets

Farmers market.
A farmers market is a perfect setting for your fall photos.
Full House Images/Getty Images

In temperate climates like the northern United States, the arrival of fall weather signals the waning weeks of the harvest season. It's no accident that Thanksgiving is an autumn holiday. Cultures around the world celebrate similar harvest festivals to give thanks for the bounty of the growing season and feast on its last fruits.

For those of us whose "farm" consists of a dying basil plant in a window box, farmers markets and roadside stands are excellent places to get into the harvest spirit. They're also a prime setting for stunning fall photos.

As with any good photo, farmers market pics need a focal point. While it's nice to step back and take the occasional wide shot of a towering pumpkin display, it's usually more visually effective to focus on a specific subject, employing the rest of the scene as colorful background. That doesn't mean you have to pose a person in every photo. Just be mindful of what exactly you want to capture when you're framing your shot. Otherwise, the beauty of the real-life bounty will be lost in a lot of visual noise.