10 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Digital Camera


Transfer your pictures


After taking pictures with your digital camera, the next step is to transfer them from the memory card to your computer. Depending on your camera, you either remove the card and place it in a card reader, or you plug your camera directly into your computer's USB or FireWire port. Some people wait until the memory card is nearly full, but it's a good idea to go ahead and copy your pictures soon after you take them. That way, you won't lose your pictures if something happens to your camera, and you can sort and share your pictures while they're still fresh on your mind. You should also back your pictures up onto CD-ROM or DVD-ROM regularly.

Many digital cameras come with software to help you manage your pictures. Often, the program will show you thumbnails, or miniature versions of your pictures, so you can quickly navigate through your collection. You can use the program to categorize your photos by date, subject matter or type. Many programs also let you make basic image corrections, like removing red eye. Or, you can use more advanced software, like Adobe Photoshop, to completely change the look of your pictures. See Digital Photography Basics for more details.