How the Amazon Fire Phone Works

The Home Button and Camera

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shows off the Fire phone at a news conference in June 2014.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shows off the Fire phone at a news conference in June 2014.
© JASON REDMOND/Reuters/Corbis

Pressing the home button takes you to the home carousel, which lets you flip through recently used or pinned apps. It will display recent activity or other contextual information underneath the the chosen app, such as your last few e-mails, your calendar appointments or your most visited websites. Pressing the home button again takes you to an area that displays all your apps, both on the phone and in the cloud. Holding the home button brings up a voice assistant.

The Firefly button can also be used to bring up and operate the camera. The camera features a High Dynamic Range (HDR) option, which merges multiple exposures into one image for a better quality picture, and will suggest when you might want to turn it on. The camera also has panorama, lenticular and burst modes. In low-light conditions, image stabilization keeps the shutter open longer to compensate. The phone will automatically back up your photos and videos to your Amazon cloud drive, if you wish.

The Fire comes with free unlimited cloud storage for photographs taken with the phone, as well as for any content you purchase from Amazon. You can access your content from the Fire, other Amazon devices or devices with the Amazon cloud drive app. You also get 5GB of free cloud storage for things like videos, documents and other personal digital content. The Fire Phone will automatically backup up your apps, settings, notes and bookmarks to the cloud using Amazon web services.