5 Urban Photography Tips

Cool Camera Stuff Pictures We've gathered a few tips that just might improve your street photography skills. See more pictures of cool camera stuff.

In the century and a half or so that we've had the ability to capture images on film and print them, photography has branched into as many different types as there are people taking pictures. And with the advent of digital cameras and cameras built into smartphones, there are a lot of people out there snapping pictures.

Some people prefer landscapes, like the majestic black-and-white images of Ansel Adams. Others admire the commercial portraiture of photographers like Annie Leibovitz. But urban photography, also called street photography, has been part of the art since the earliest days of the camera. Pioneers of the form like Henri Cartier-Bresson captured people talking, arguing, kissing, sipping coffee at outdoor cafés and generally going about their daily lives. He called the perfect street shot the "decisive moment," a phrase that has inspired and vexed urban photographers for decades.

Urban photography is one of the easiest areas to explore, as it requires very little special equipment beyond a camera (and curiosity). Here are a few tips to get you started and maybe even improve your street photography skills.