5 Tools for Digital Photo Albums


Backup CDs

A CD can hold a lot of memories.
A CD can hold a lot of memories.
Tony Austin/Creative Commons

One of the most important things you can do with your digital album is to make sure you have it backed up in at least one place. The last thing you want to do is to try and find the pictures from your child's 5th birthday, only to discover that they've been inadvertently deleted somewhere along the way. Once lost, it's very difficult to recover digital photos.

Sure, the external hard drive we mentioned earlier is a good way to back up your photos, but it doesn't hurt to go a bit old-school and make a hard copy. That doesn't mean you have to print out each and every photo you own -- that would take a long time and would be very expensive. No, the best way to keep a hard copy of your photos is to burn them to a CD or DVD. Today, DVDs come in sizes of up to 8 GB, which means they can hold a lot of photos. Burning your albums to disk ensures that no matter what happens to your computer or hard drive, you'll have your photos in a place that electronic malfunctions can't touch them [source: Digital Photos 101].

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