5 Tools for Digital Photo Albums


Uploading Software

The USB cable is the lifeline between your camera and computer.
The USB cable is the lifeline between your camera and computer.
Dougww/Creative Commons

To start your digital photo album, you'll first need to get photos from your camera to your computer. Simply plug your camera into the USB port of your computer. Typically, the software will automatically upload photos from your camera to a folder you've set up on your computer. The upside of having them moved automatically is that your pictures are already organized.

Your best bet is to get digital album software that will help you upload your pictures in an organized and efficient manner. There are several options out there such as Pisca or Snapfish and they're free to download and use. Look for a program that allows you to label your photos, keep them in chronological order and makes it easy for you to access them later. In addition, most picture software will allow you to put keywords or labels on your photos so you can search for specific images by simply typing "France 2009," if you wish. Finally, with all your pictures organized in one place, you can quickly remove blurry shots or duplicates that would otherwise just be taking up space. Now you have the beginnings of a lean-and-mean digital photo album [source: Basic Digital Photography].