Top 5 Technology Trends at CES 2009


Green Technology

Schwinn brought its electric bicycle called the Tailwind to CES 2009.
Schwinn brought its electric bicycle called the Tailwind to CES 2009.
© Schwinn

One of the biggest themes at CES in 2009 involved the environment. CES dedicated a small section of show floor space specifically for green technology companies. Exhibitors within this space included several solar panel companies, a few wind power device manufacturers and many devices that limit or eliminate vampire power problems. But the exhibitors within the green technology area were only a small part of the overall story.

Most of the big companies at CES had a section within the main display area set aside for green technology. Some companies featured their eco-friendly devices prominently in the booth. Others grouped their green tech in a corner off to one side. And some of the companies seemed to be engaging in a little greenwashing. Greenwashing is an attempt to come across as environmentally conscious even though the actual product or manufacturing process isn't eco-friendly.

It's clear that the concept of adopting an ecologically-friendly lifestyle has taken root in the market. As a result, many companies are devoting time and resources to this effort. Some are diligent as they develop and produce electronics that leave a minimal impact upon the environment. It seems that the consumer will be left with the task to determine which products really are green and which are not.