Top 5 Entry-level HDTVs


Sharp LC-32D43U

Sharp LC-32D43U
Sharp LC-32D43U
Courtesy Sharp

With the Sharp LC-32D43U, we're going back to 720p resolution. And with the LCD set's 32-inch screen, that's not a drawback. The picture is still crisp and has what Sharp calls a dynamic contrast ratio of 6,000:1 -- the native contrast ratio is just 1,200:1. So what is dynamic contrast ratio?

To display images, LCD screens need a backlight. This is a light that shines through the liquid crystals in the screen to create the images we watch. That's why LCD screens traditionally have trouble displaying rich dark colors -- the backlight can make a deep black look more like a charcoal gray. A set with dynamic contrast, like the LC-32D43U, reduces the power of the backlight to display dark colors or otherwise restricts the amount of light going to that part of the screen.

This set has two HDMI inputs, two composite inputs, two component inputs, one S-video input and one PC input. It's not a bad choice for the first-time HDTV owner, though it lacks some of the features other sets on this list have.

The Sharp LC-32D43U retails for around $600, though some stores may list it for just under $1,000.