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Universal Remote Control

A good universal remote eliminates the need for multiple remote controls.
A good universal remote eliminates the need for multiple remote controls.
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Now that you've established your home theater system, you'll need a device that lets you control every element with as little effort as possible. You need a universal remote control. A good universal remote should be compatible with most, if not all, of your home theater equipment. Some are so complex that you'll need to consult the Web to adjust your remote's settings before taking command.

A good universal remote does more than simply allow you to change channels or adjust the volume. Many of them allow you to create macro settings to tweak your entertainment system for a particular use. In other words, you may want to adjust your television's settings depending upon the content you're watching. Sporting events may need a higher level of brightness to look just right, while a movie may look best with lower levels. By programming a universal remote, you could switch from one setting to another without having to go into individual menus.

Some remotes will activate more than one device based upon what you want to do. Imagine that you've just come home and you want to watch an action movie on DVD. You pick up your universal remote and push the command to open your DVD player's disc tray. As you do so, the universal remote activates your DVD player, stereo system and television. It also switches your television's input so that it accepts the video feed from the DVD player. It does the same for the audio feed with your stereo system, adjusting the bass to the perfect level of seat-rumbling goodness.

Technology allows us to experience movies on a level that can rival the local cinema's performance. On top of that, you don't have to wait in line for the popcorn.

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