10 Largest HDTV Displays


Tokyo Racecourse

While Americans were having most of the outrageous HDTV fun, Japan decided it wanted a piece of the action, too. The Tokyo Racecourse, a horse-racing venue, decided to up the huge-HDTV ante.

The owners went for broke by installing a display measuring 218 feet wide by 37 feet high, or 8,066 square feet (749.4 square meters) [source: Lawler]. If you were to measure this screen diagonally (misleading due to its extreme length), you'd come up with 221.2 feet.

The cost for this Mitsubishi Diamond Vision display? A measly $28 million.

The screen is so big it can show action from three different horse races simultaneously. It's as big as three tennis courts. In fact, the screen is so big that Mitsubishi had to deliver it in 35 separate pieces.