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17 Celebrities Who Started on Soap Operas

Daytime soaps have enthralled TV viewers for years. Some of the most famous celebrities got their start acting in these daytime dramas. You may be surprised to see who is on our list of celebrities who started on soap operas.

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  • Inside 'MythBusters'

    Inside 'MythBusters'

    Many people enjoy watching "MythBusters" find out whether cockroaches can survive a nuclear holocaust and other urban myths. But who are these cast members and have they ever been wrong? See more »

  • Inside 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'

    Inside 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'

    The sci-fi phenomenon that began more than 30 years ago with a movie about a galaxy long ago and far, far away has expanded once again with "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," the story of the galactic civil war that takes place between Episodes II and III. See more »

  • Inside The Amazing Race

    Inside The Amazing Race

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the world with only the clothes on your back and a few personal items tucked away in a backpack? The cast of CBS's "The Amazing Race" does just that. Go behind the scenes to see how contestants race around the globe for a $1 million prize. See more »

  • Is Superman mentioned in every 'Seinfeld' episode?

    Is Superman mentioned in every 'Seinfeld' episode?

    "Seinfeld" will forever be known as the best "show about nothing." But is it also an homage to Superman? See more »

  • Sept. 24, 1954: NBC's 'Tonight Show' Debuts

    Sept. 24, 1954: NBC's 'Tonight Show' Debuts

    The NBC Tonight Show debuted in 1954 with Steve Allen as the show's first host. Learn more history of the NBC Tonight Show, how it changed over the years, and its infamous hosts, from Allen to Jack Paar, Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. See more »

  • Top 10 'Star Trek' Technologies That Actually Came True

    Top 10 'Star Trek' Technologies That Actually Came True

    The characters in "Star Trek" get to wield all kinds of high-tech gadgetry. Some of these gizmos are purely science fiction. What technologies have actually come to pass? See more »

  • What is binge watching?

    What is binge watching?

    We've all done it. You planned to watch just one episode of your favorite show but ended up burning through four or five in a single setting. Ever wonder why binge watching is so addictive? See more »

  • What is TV Everywhere?

    What is TV Everywhere?

    Want to watch your favorite TV show tonight but won't be home? That's not a problem, with TV Everywhere. It's rapidly changing how we watch TV. See more »

  • What special gear is used to film on a boat?

    What special gear is used to film on a boat?

    It may not seem like much to film on a boat, but it can actually be quite dangerous. What kind of gear would you need to keep yourself upright on a boat shoot -- and what camera equipment would you need to make your footage pop? See more »

  • What’s a 'TV-ready' movie?

    What’s a 'TV-ready' movie?

    If you've ever watched a Hollywood film on your TV, you've watched a TV-ready movie. It's quite a job for film editors to get a film TV-ready. We'll explain the process. See more »

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