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How to Use Your iPhone as a Security Camera

Leave your iPhone on that park bench to spy on vagrants? You bet your life you can!
Leave your iPhone on that park bench to spy on vagrants? You bet your life you can!
Raymond Patrick/Digital Vision/­Getty Images

­If you're fortunate enough to own an Apple iPhone, then you already know just how much it improves the quality of life -- or shackles it to modern technology. If you're reading this article, however, you're more than likely a fan. Apple's famed smart phone has become quite the trendsetter, raising the bar for the multimedia cell phone market with its sleek design and a bevy of cool, third-party applications.

All this is well and good. Yet perhaps you're not content with simply using your iPhone as a means of communicating, surfing the Web, taking photos, playing "Super Monkey Ball" and listening to the latest Black Eyed Peas album. If only there were a way to transform your iPhone into a security camera!

Let's ignore for the moment that your $200 to $300 iPhone is significantly more expensive than, say, a webcam. Let's also gloss over the fact that while many actual surveillance cameras may cost in this price range, they also don't tend to contain your personal correspondence and that "OMG ur hot" photo you took of yourself in the mirror last week.

­Yes, in the face of all acceptable logic, you can fulfill that insatiable MacGyver craving in your soul and turn your phone/fashion accessory/status symbol into an instrument of security, espionage or blackmail.

Just how do you pull off this feat? Paw your touch screen and slide over to the next page to find out.

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