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One question I get asked all the time is, "What's a green gadget?" It seems that while most people know that characteristics like organic, recyclable, or fair trade is a way to identify more eco-friendly products, we don't necessarily have an easy way identify more eco-friendly gadgets. It's true that gadgets seem like they're in a whole different category when it comes to green living

How to Identify a Green Gadget

With all the many green labels and rating systems for electronics, it can seem confusing trying to figure out which gadgets are green, and which are greenwashed. There's no getting around the fact that we have to research a lot of things to know if a gadget is eco-friendly. There are questions to ask and resources to tap into. But luckily, there three basic traits to green gadgets, and the closer a device is to having a high level of all three, the greener it is. If you keep an eye out for these three simple traits, you're well on your way to knowing just how eco-friendly a gadget is.

Three Basic Traits of Green Gadgets