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Top 5 Tech Trends of 2009

Every year, a brand new wave of hardware and software hits the market. Some products go boom, and others go bust. As 2009 drew to a close, what technological trends turned out to be the year's biggest hits?

Top 10 Early Hominid Finds and Their Locations

The dirt was flying in 2009 as archaeologists tried to pin down the fossils of early man. Lucy, meet your ancestor Ardi.

What is the lipstick indicator?

You may think that something called the "lipstick indicator" sounds a little silly. Fair enough. But this tiny spending decision speaks volumes about consumer confidence -- especially during recessions.

How the Smart Grid Will Work

For the longest time, the U.S. power grid slogged on, unchanged and rarely challenged. That is, until 2009, when the idea of a smart grid -- a modernized electric network -- starting making the news.

Is your drywall making you sick?

In the aftermath of the housing boom in the early 2000s, homeowners started to learn that poor-quality drywall could make them sick. How do you know if your drywall is toxic?

Are there dead bodies on Mount Everest?

In April 2009, a Sherpa led a team of 40 people up Mount Everest to clean up the pile of garbage that's collected on the mountainside. But is there a cleanup plan for all those dead bodies?

Who invented the Barbie doll and why?

This year marked Barbie's 50th anniversary. Her career has included turns as president, a paleontologist and an astronaut -- and she's always dressed to kill. Who could believe this all-American icon has scandalous German roots?

How Cloud Computing Works

In 2009, cloud computing became more than just a buzzword. From the rise of netbooks to some notable service outages, people couldn't stop talking about how cloud computing will change the way we use computers.

How Swine Flu Works

The outbreak of swine flu caused everything from panic to ennui. At HowStuffWorks, we went below the protective masks to figure out what this disease is, how it differs from seasonal flu and how to prevent it.

Top 10 Worst Effects of Global Warming

Global warming is always in the news, but you've probably heard a lot in 2009 about droughts, floods, biodiversity loss and heat waves. What are 10 of the worst effects of global warming?

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