Digital Clock by Matt Mets

Credit: Courtesy of Matt Mets

Digital frames are great ways to show off tons of your favorite photos without taking up a ton of space on your wall, but with new technology improving them each year, you might wind up with more than one. Give the ones you don't use anymore a second life—this time as a digital clock—with this idea from Cibomahto.

The idea is simple: load your frame with 720 photos, one that spells out the wording of each minute in a 12-hour cycle; then set your frame to change pictures each minute. You'll end up with a numberless clock that keeps perfect time. Of course, getting there might not be as easy as it sounds; poster Matt Mets found that his old frame didn't have a "rotate every minute" setting—so he wrote one, and added a microcontroller to keep the words on schedule. Read the full tutorial for examples of the code he used and how he worked his way around some of the obstacles (like finding just the right shade of green for the background).

He also makes the great point that you don't have to make a clock that just shows words: include your favorite photos (or videos, if your frame will play them), create a one-of-a-kind animation, or show off different colors and backgrounds throughout the day. Whatever you choose, you'll have a unique timepiece (and you won't have to worry about recycling that old frame).(Via Make)