Liquor Cabinets
champagne in car

Can't wait until you get to the party? This amenity offers one solution.


­For those who can't wait until they get to the party to break out the champagne, many luxury cars come complete with coolers for chilling wine. The Bentley Arnage R includes a wine cooler behind the center armrest in the backseat [source: Chapnick]. Some models include a custom wood veneer cocktail cabinet attached to the back of the front seat. One model includes in this cabinet a complete set of shot glasses and flask [source: Stern].

These luxury carmakers have thought of everything -- even what to do with the champagne flutes between sips. To solve this dilemma, Bentley provides a foldout table as well. Maybach, who includes electric wine coolers in some of its models and provides champagne flutes to boot, has specially designed cupholders for champagne flutes [source: Valdes-Dapena]. We should note that these alcohol features are for the backseat exclusively, meant for those with enough money to hire a chauffeur to take care of the whole driving thing.