Expensive and Unique Paint Jobs
paint job

An extravagant, outlandish paint job will certainly get you noticed on the road.


Every fashion-savvy woman knows that color-coordinating accessories are the key to a great ensemble. And, of course, well-chosen colors can express your personality. The same goes for your car. Those buying a 2009 Maybach 57 can request the color of the car to match a particular color of a purse, pair of shoes or just about anything else for nearly $20,450 on top of the price of the car [source: Edmunds].

Those with the money to get a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano might also be interested in coughing up a cool $22,000 for a red paint job. But this isn't just any red: it's an exclusive Rossa Monza paint of deep red known as Rossa Corsa [source: Chapnick].

­Those looking for less sport but more splash might be interested in Volvo's C30, which comes in the special print of your choice. While the option is available only in Sweden right now, stylish drivers can select a protective appliqué film with their choice of several designs. Whether you choose zebra print, rainbow strips or some other pattern, it'll cost you around $3,150 [source: Edmunds]. ­