car tv

The TVs in some of today's luxury cars might surpass the ones we have at home.


Granted, mini built-in TVs are becoming more and more common as backseat babysitters in minivans for families with impatient kids. But the TVs we're talking about are meant for adults with chauffeurs. The quality of these TVs might surmount those you have at home. Take Bentley's Arnage RL, which includes not one, but two 15-inch, flat-screen LCD televisions -- one built into the back of each front seat.

And what's a TV without something to watch? As if built-in DVD players weren't enough, Rolls Royce even offers broadcast TV via an antenna that picks up the local signal [source: Grant]. Satellite radio company Sirius also started offering Sirius Backseat TV, a TV feed of various networks meant for viewing in the car.