Therapeutic Ways to Use Virtual Reality
baby wearing virtual reality goggles

It's not all fun and games. Virtual reality technology is used for recreational and rehabilitative purposes.

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Our favorite ways to imagine using virtual reality can be a little aspirational. Say, escaping the dull gray of January by using VR goggles to place ourselves on a virtual beach, sipping Mai Tais, pool boys fanning away. Or maybe standing in your backyard, using a VR-enabled video game to envision yourself as a batter in the lineup at Fenway during the World Series.

While those uses of virtual reality are, no doubt, going to make you feel pretty good about yourself (assuming you can get a hit off the pitcher, of course), there's a set of folks who are using virtual reality technology for serious treatment of mental and physical issues. In the next few pages, we'll take a look at some people who are studying ways to use virtual reality for therapeutic benefit and we'll explore some places it's already being used.

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