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On average a consumer replaces a cell phone every 18 months, and laptops every three years. It seems that there are always new models of gadgets coming out to tempt people into tossing what they have in favor of something sleeker, faster, ":better."

Some geeks, though, have had enough and are happy with keeping their older models of gadgets because they simply don't need to update. A new website, Last Year's Model, lets geeks vent about why they're happy not upgrading.

The website states, "We love cool gadgets as much as anybody else. We just want to be thoughtful about the stuff we've bought. Even the most cutting-edge, tech-savvy geeks in the world are choosing to hang on to their phones or their iPods that still work just fine."

Some of the responses by the site's visitors on why they're sticking with their old gadgets include:

- "Haven't yet figured out all the things my old iPod can do."

- "To save the planet through consuming less!"

- "Wasting money on a gadget I don't need just doesn't seem smart."

What might be your reason for sticking with your older device? Before getting excited about the newest gadget to hit the stores, take a moment to consider if you really need it, if your older model is truly not as functional as the newer one, and if you have to upgrade, whether or not you can find it used. And of course, stop by Last Year's Model to not only be reassured, but also to comment on why you're making the greener choice.