Great Tablet Computers for Kids

A young boy tries out kids' games on Apple iPads at the 2011 Leipzig Book Fair in Leipzig, Germany.

Marco Prosch/Getty Images

Touchscreen technology is like catnip to the tactile child. All those cool games and bright colors, sliding around and reacting to the touch of a finger -- a kid can't resist it, and many parents can't resist handing their tablet computer over in exchange for a little peace and quiet. The problem here is that these devices are expensive, and kids can be careless. Most kids' toys are built to withstand being dropped on the floor or stepped on -- not like the iPad and other grown-up tablet computers.

So, what if you want your child to benefit from some of the educational apps offered on tablet computers, but you don't want him to break your most expensive gadget?

You're in luck. Several companies have come out with tablet computers built especially for kids. The products serve an age range from toddler to tween, and they all have their pros and cons. One definite pro, though, is that your kid will have her own tablet and won't be begging to play with yours anymore!