Digital Cameras
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Editing Digital Photos
New York Times tech columnist David Pogue demonstrates how to fix up lousy digital photos on the computer.
How to Buy a Digital Camera
Buying a digital camera can be a challenging task. Learn about the key elements to consider when buying a digital camera in this HowStuffWorks video.
It's All Geek to Me: Megapixel Myth
David Pogue explodes the hype about digital camera megapixels. Learn more about digital photography in this video.
It's All Geek To Me: Pixels in Pics
Tech expert David Pogue of The Science Channel's, "It's All Geek To Me," explains how the number of pixels used for viewing digital pictures is different from pixels used to print pictures.
It's All Geek To Me: Printing Digital Pictures
On The Science Channel's "It's All Geek To Me," our geek David Pogue explains the many options for printing digital pictures such as home printers, kiosks and internet ordered custom photo albums.
It's All Geek To Me: Red Eye Correction
The Science Channel's David Pogue, host of "It's All Geek To Me," shows how easy it is to correct red eye in digital photographs.
It's All Geek To Me: Shutter Lag Tricks
Shutter lag is the time between when you press the button to take a picture and when the camera actually takes the shot. Tech expert David Pogue explains how to prevent shutter lag on The Science Channel's series, "It's All Geek To Me."