Consumer Electronics Show 2005

Panasonic's Oxyride Car

Panasonic had a large presentation and display to talk about its soon-to-be-available Oxyride batteries. The claim: Your digital camera will run twice as long on these batteries as it will on normal alkalines. To drive the point home, they had the Oxyride car on display:

A (smallish) person gets in this car, and then the Panasonic folks power it up with Oxyride batteries.

The impressive part is that they power it up with just two batteries:

Consumer Electronics Show 2005

Is the car going to go 100 mph with just two batteries? No. If you look elsewhere on the Web, you find that the car only travels about 1 meter/sec and has a maximum range of a mile or so. Still, it was very funny to see that two little batteries can get the thing moving at all.

For more details, visit Panasonic Batteries.