Classics From Andrew Kaz and Phill Ryu
Classics app for iPhones

The Classics app for iPhones combines the portability of e-books with the physical experience of reading books.

Screenshot by HowStuffWorks.com

Smartphones, LED displays and touch-responsive page turning is all fine and good for the new media crowd, but what about readers interested in revisiting some of the golden oldies who don't want to shell out for the print editions? For a nominal price, Classics, for iOS devices, puts some of the most beloved classics in the palm of your hand. And this app further differentiates itself from other e-readers by painstakingly creating the look and feel of reading a print volume with animated page turns (which look like turning a page in a book rather than scrolling through digital screens), illustrations, original cover art and even a red satin bookmark to keep your place.

This app includes nearly two dozen "classics" (get it?), including "Alice in Wonderland," "Robinson Crusoe" and "Pride and Prejudice." And through free software updates, the developers promise the collection will continue to grow at no cost to the reader. Not a bad way to bolster your collection and make up for all the times in high school when you only pretended to read the assignments.

The only thing missing from this e-reader is the ability to import other works not incorporated into the application. It would be cool if users could fold their current collections into the same form factor, but hey, a reader can dream right?

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