10 Cool iPhone Apps for Kids

"Wacky Safari"
"Wacky Safari" is puzzle fun for young people.
"Wacky Safari" is puzzle fun for young people.
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Application developers have made sure to even include the youngest iPhone or iPod touch users. That doesn't mean the young ones aren't enthralled with yours when you're playing "ESPN Freeze Frame" or "Trism," but maybe that's why you should consider downloading "Wacky Safari."

"Wacky Safari" is a simple puzzle app perfect for toddlers. With a swipe of a finger, users cycle slices of photographs of wild animals through until a perfect match and complete photo emerges. The app features five game modes utilizing 40 color photos. The appeal of "Wacky Safari" is based on its combination of bright colors and unique sounds. Along with colorful photos, "Wacky Safari" is full of animal sounds and even a drum machine. With a tap of a finger on one of three animal's paws, you get drumbeats and animal sounds. "Wacky Safari" is also full of animal facts and jokes. Two characters, Safari Joe and Safari Jane, offer insight and educate users on all sorts of animal trivia.

One of the coolest features of "Wacky Safari" your kids are sure to enjoy is the animal phone calls. That's right, your kids can even call some of the animals and listen to prerecorded messages. Kids will also surely love the challenge of finding the blue-footed bird Charlie who pops up in each animal picture. Find Charlie and watch him dance. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you can turn the music on or off depending on your preference.

Cost: Free or $0.99 (full version)