10 Cool iPhone Apps for Kids

"AniMatch" is one game that may help improve your child's memory.
"AniMatch" is one game that may help improve your child's memory.
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You may be familiar with those books that have buttons with pictures of animals that when pushed, make the corresponding animal sound. They're great fun for children. Give one of those to a toddler and you've just made a friend. Or, you can download "AniMatch" and let them play on your iPhone or iPod touch.

"AniMatch" is an animal matching game perfect for toddlers. Each new game consists of 10 pairs of random animals scattered on your screen. From there, you touch each matching animal to complete the pair and score points. When you touch the pictures, you'll hear corresponding animal sounds. "AniMatch" is a memorization game. While it isn't challenging for adults, if you've ever seen the look on the face of a two-year-old when they're trying to figure out a matching problem, it's intense. It's also fulfilling to see that intensity turn to joy when they find the matching animal.

Games are timed, which is where the scoring comes in. More than that though, AniMatch is easy and fun and best of all, will provide hours of simple entertainment. Chances are you'll probably slip in a few games yourself. It's sort of addictive.

Cost: $.99