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10 Cool iPhone Apps for Kids

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Make sure to clear off those fiery letters before they get to the bottom of the screen!
Make sure to clear off those fiery letters before they get to the bottom of the screen! screenshot

Sometimes parents don't want their children simply wasting time by playing a mindless video game or watching T.V. Sure, kids need stuff to do to stay occupied; however, that doesn't mean you can't offer them something to do that can be fun while also stimulating their mind at the same time. That's where "Bookworm" can kill two birds with one stone.

"Bookworm" has been around for a while. A similar version of the popular computer game is available for download on your iPhone or iPod touch for $2.99. What you get is a game with endless possibilities.

Each time you play a game in "Bookworm," your goal is to score points by linking letters to form words. The board is made up of letters in columns placed next to one another. To make words, you trace your finger from letter to letter. You aren't restricted to vertical and horizontal movement to form your words -- as long as the tile is adjacent to the ones you've already touched, you can use it. You can't jump any letters and you have to make sure to use the fire tiles that appear before they reach the bottom of the board. Once you form a word, you tap submit to score it. Then Lex, the library worm, chomps away at your newly formed word and you're ready to continue on with a full set of new letter tiles.

"Bookworm" utilizes the iPhone's motion sensors as a way to mix your letter tiles. By shaking your Apple device, you can scramble the letters if you get stuck and are out of word combinations. "Bookworm" is yet another app sure to appeal to adults and children alike.

Cost: $2.99

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