10 Cool iPhone Apps for Kids

"Wheels on the Bus"
"Wheels on the Bus" allows kids to record themselves.
"Wheels on the Bus" allows kids to record themselves.
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Sometimes your kids just need to have some plain old zany fun. That's where "Wheels on the Bus" by Duck Moose comes into play. Based on the popular children's song of the same name, "Wheels on the Bus" is an interactive application designed to offer kids hours of creative bliss. By simply touching various objects on the screen, users initiate movements and sounds corresponding with the selected parts. For instance, if you touch the windshield wipers, you'll hear a swoosh sound. Touch the doors and they open. Touch the wheels and they spin. You can even make a dog bark. Think of this app as a virtual children's book that doesn't fall apart.

If you get tired of hearing the song played over and over again, you can mix it up by changing the settings to hear the instrumental version. Instead of the words running around through your head, you can replace them with the violin, piano, or if you can stand it, a kazoo. Kids will really get a kick out of the recording feature. Much like adults who have to indulge in the occasional karaoke concert, you can record your kids singing along to the song. "Wheels on the Bus" has a global appeal, too. The app is available in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Price: $.99 to $2.99

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